Our Customer Success Stories

“Since becoming a Good Sam Park we have almost tripled our revenue. We have a waiting list now for our oceanfront sites!”

Coral Sands Oceanfront RV Resort
Ormond Beach, FL
Philip S., General Manager
Good Sam Park since 2013

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Oak Haven Campground

“Good Sam has always been helpful to our business with all of the means of reaching our customers.”

Alan & Penny J., Owners
Good Sam Park since 1987
Seminole Campground
Fort Myers,FL

“All of the resources through Good Sam have been and will I’m sure continue to be a great help to drawing campers into our park. Good Sam’s program is over and above anything out there.”

Paul D. and Brian W., Owners
Good Sam Park since 2013
Sunshine RV Resort
Lake Placid,FL

“Good Sam’s Book and Internet is a great referral source to our resort. 80% of [our] calls get their information from Good Sam resources.”

Karen B., Manager
Good Sam Park since 2017
Tamiami RV Park
Fort Myers,FL

“[Our Good Sam Rep team] has been instrumental in assisting the Association in its development of a sound advertising campaign that can be adopted to meet the current and future RV advertising needs of Tamiami Village & RV Park. Whether you are new or an old timer in the industry their expertise and guidance is worth the investment necessary to ensure your RV Association receives the best possible advertising representation your budget allows. “

Barbara O., Manager
Good Sam Park since 2013
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Not a Good Sam Park?
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